Beer The Cure For 2020 Beer Goals Shirt

I got to a city called West Livingston Texas, I was dropped off at a Walmart, I walked to US 59 and tied my duffel bag to my leg and wrapped myself in a blanket. I fell asleep 40 feet from the highway by some woods, I remember not having any socks, it was January and It took a while to sleep because my feet were so cold they hurt. No one could have known that at a glance. I don’t know who it was. I had gotten out of the US Army, I was injured. I couldn’t find work where.

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He suddenly stopped and faced me, his feet apart, knees slightly bent and his hands hovered over his sides like he was getting ready to draw in a wild-west duel. The body language was loud and clear, and I snapped into the same pose and for a moment we created a little scene as gunslingers. After a moment or two of tension we both drew our drills and aimed at each other, then bust out laughing and went on with our business.

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