Beautiful You Matter Teacher Shirt

Super true. I’ve really been interested in exposing myself to beliefs that challenge my own, can’t help but jump in sometimes. Try to do it in the spirit of respect and compassion but people get heated. Gotta realize it’s not really worth it and that these people aren’t the majority of humans. It’s striking how we dehumanize each other and are convinced others are beyond reason or want to harm us.

Beautiful You Matter Teacher Shirt

Beautiful You Matter Teacher Shirt

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Thinking about seeing my mom crying on the couch after I came in with my dad one morning. I tried to overdose and crash my car on the interstate to end it. Despite having no seat belt, totaling the car, and being in the wrong on so many levels, I came out with nothing but some minor, persistent leg issues and a check worth much more than the car. My dad came and picked me up.

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