Beautiful Golf Papa’s Other Car Vintage Retro Shirt

The most recent example: Trump doesn’t believe you should be able to vote him out of office. Of course the nuts don’t care, but for centrists, how can you possibly see two sides to that? You’re gonna vote for a guy who wants to take away your right to vote? “Oh but he didn’t say that he’s against voting.” No, he only retweeted that video of him running for election every 4 years, praised the Chinese president for becoming president for life, and floated the idea of delaying the election.

Beautiful Golf Papa's Other Car Vintage Retro Shirt

Beautiful Golf Papa’s Other Car Vintage Retro Shirt

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However, these last 4 years turned me hard against that, and I am not really ever that into politics. I have never been so angry and disgusted at Trump’s cult. It drives me up the wall how people can STILL think he is doing a good job. Or even a job at all.

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