Beaching Not Teaching Funny Teacher Summer And Vacation Shirt

Seriously you guys that love his music should talk to people that are in tune and hip to just about everything but for whatever reason don’t listen to much music including Kanye and see what their opinion is of him. Cause the dude is a fucking idiot, and you can talk about his genius all you want and that’s fine, I know doctors that are morons about real-world issues it’s more common than you think.

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People are surprised this moron can’t do anything right? I’m honestly hoping he does something during this manic episode that kills him. He makes the whole human race look bad and I’m sick of hearing about his dumbass antics. If he wasn’t rich he’d be in prison. He also isn’t talented anymore (something happened like 10-12 years ago and now he’s dumber than a fucking cantaloupe).

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