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Now you have an African American player refusing to kneel, refusing to wear a message, not wearing a shirt, and following all right-wing political people on twitter. Is Jonathan Isaac also a fascist? Or is there something different about him vs. Hayward that means he isn’t? A lot of white liberal folks on here would clutch their pearls if they discovered how many different types of races across the world hold conservative views. It’s about what they’re actually representing and how they feel, and unless they clearly state that, all that we infer is just conjecture.

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Just because it’s his choice doesn’t mean people can’t think badly of it. What’s the point in calling it a choice? No one suggesting that he get arrested or anything. People shouldn’t think badly of it because then from now on everyone will just kneel because they fear the backlash. So then everyone kneels because they feel forced too, and all of a sudden the underlying message loses its impact.

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