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But like the dividend concept, I’m not touching the principal and not living like a million bucks. My only car is a Toyota Tacoma. But short of complete societal collapse, that fund should be able to weather ups and downs and is slated to be millions when I retire. Shit, one projection had that at a billion when I’m 85 if I kept contributing throughout the entire span and went aggressive. But there’s no point in that. The point is, most people will buy a house, a car, spend, and the retirement they are hopefully saving – just let that grow without taking any out.

You can dump a million bucks into a dividend stock (e.g. MAIN) and take home about $5k per month after taxes without ever touching the principal amount. If I do some napkin math based on my current commute and a typical red light length of 90 seconds to two minutes, I’m going to effectively get paid $1,600 per hour to sit at those lights. So yeah, I’ll take that offer. The amount of time I waste sitting at red lights would not nearly reach the amount of time I spend working. With 1000000 dollars and my current expenses, I wouldn’t need to work for 20+ years. And that money can make me more money in the background. So yeah it would be stupid not to take it.

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