Ballet Girl Are Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane Halloween Shirt

I was lost in town, my mom and I went to a store in a big city, in front of the store, there was an electrical car kid can board and take a ride for some cents. I jumped on it, but I didn’t realize that my mom already had entered the store, so I thought she was going away because the weather was foggy. A few meters away, like 40 or 50, there was a person just looking like my mom. I was running to that person, but it was just like that Mandela effect or something like that.

Ballet Girl Are Sunshine Mixed With A Little Hurricane Halloween Shirt


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I was crying and sad because I couldn’t recognize my surroundings. A girl on roller skates saw me crying and asked me how my mom looks like. We were walking together until we found her. I don’t know her name, but thank you. I don’t know what would have happened if I wouldn’t have met that person. And because this happened in Germany ( I live in that country since I was born ) ” Vielen Dank “.

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