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Unless I’m mistaken, no healthcare, no rent freezes, no utility freezes, no student loan forgiveness. Just a taxable $1,200 in a couple of months. The rich get richer and we get slapped in the face. Does nothing to help people struggling today. As far as I can see, corporate Dems bent over again. The party of pretending to care. No reason why the bill to help the people needed to be tied to more corporate bailouts at all.

Bailas Sont Pure Les Amateurs Man Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

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This site is such a blatant fucking joke, it’s not a secret left-wing journalist and left-wing organizations are paid to upvote and put awards on any article anti-right. And I like how the only disagreements your getting are saying you’re wrong about only one of those ridiculous spending additions Reddit is still relatively weak in swaying political opinions. just look how bad Bernie was crushed by Biden in a few weeks, even with 90% support from Reddit.



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