Back To School Ish 2020 2021 Shirt

I first noticed it with his dining dollars on campus. Every day it seemed like he would buy the most expensive sushi option on campus every day. We’re talking maybe $18.00 which isn’t terrible if it’s once in a while, but this was every day. It’s also a college dining hall sushi, so the quality was also just okay without even considering the money spent. Of course around midterms when his dining dollars would run out and he’d sort of panic and whine that he couldn’t afford anything.

Back To School Ish 2020 2021 Hoodie

Back To School Ish 2020 2021 Shirt

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But what was so strange, is that when he would start to run low, he’s sort of laugh about not knowing anyway we could avoid going broke while continuing to buy only the most expensive option. But he’d also get really defensive when people wanted to talk to him about this. One of my old roommates was really bright academically, but he was terrible with money. Each semester he would start off with a pile of cash from his parents and proceed to blow through it in about two months.

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