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Nah, it’s half-assed. Still trillions for corporations who don’t need it, Boeing even said they didn’t want it if it came with strings. Nothing for protecting healthcare for workers, and a pittance of emergency assistance for the working class that’ll instantly get swallowed up by debts. Some of these April checks won’t even reach their destinations until August. But the only way they’d manage to get all this unnecessary bullshit in for their rich friends and donors was to tie it irrevocably to assistance to workers and their families. It was political theater, and once again, we fell for it.

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Let that sink in for a moment. Incredible that this even had to be included in the Bill, based on “the family’s” past practices, conflict of interests, and shady financial patterns. The writing was on the wall, so it was definitely best to put it in writing. And still the polls give Trump approval over >5%. What a time to be alive – so far. When will y’all be getting those checks? Here in Canada, they’re giving us 2000$/ month over the next 4 months and we get it 10 days after applying online.

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