Baby Yoa I Don’t Care What Day It Is It’s Early I’m Grumpy I Want Pepsi Shirt

I met this girl. She started calling me, then every time I went out to eat or to a movie she showed up. Sometimes I would come home from work and she would be waiting outside my place with dinner. The last time she came over she never left. Sure she leaves for a bit but comes right back. Anyways I said why the fuck not and we are married now. My s.o. and I have been together since 2012, marriage was never really a huge concern of ours. In 2016 I found a large lump in my breast(I didn’t have insurance, he did). Anyways we’re married now. ( I’m fine, just have fibrocystic breast disease, which is common and non-threatening)

Baby Yoa I Don’t Care What Day It Is It’s Early I’m Grumpy I Want Pepsi Shirt

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We met gaming online and became friends, we are from different countries, in mine, engagement rings are not a thing, so diamond rings are not related to marriage, but they are in his. I don’t know how the conversation went that I said “someday I will buy myself a diamond ring” and he said “I will buy you a diamond ring” and the mood got awkward… Met a guy on tinder, texted for 3 weeks, almost canceled our first date because it was raining and I was tired and someone had hit my car parked on the street, got to the date and he didn’t speak a word of English and had been using Google translate to text me that whole time.

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