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Kerr, I can see but that’s not going to be because of lack of faith from the front office. I’d also say that Kerr doesn’t leave until Curry does and Curry’s here for another two more years and it’s hard to imagine him not staying on for at least a few more years after that. I also think that Kerr’s back issues have been somewhat overcoming in the last few years with comparison to his 2016 season where he missed nearly half the games. I’m not sure I agree with Carlisle. Guys who coach that long and are good at it tend to keep going until they really can’t anymore and Carlisle seems like he’s one of those guys. With Luka and KP there I can’t imagine him wanting to walk away so soon. I’d almost argue that with a few poor seasons Carlisle’s more likely to be shipped out than leave on his own volition; very few coaches get that luxury.

Idk. I like the Blazers and their WCF without Nurk was a great boost of confidence for everyone involved but 5 years is a long time and all it takes is one season where they aren’t able to pull themselves back into the playoffs or internal struggles and an early exit to ax a coach. I’ve heard calls for Stotts to be fired from Blazers fans as little as a year and a half ago. The WCF calmed the waters but Stotts got bailed out a bit with the season-ending early. You can believe the Blazers break back into the playoffs because it’s what you’re used to and it’s what you want. If the season plays out there are good arguments for the Blazers not making the playoffs and I’m sure if that were the case Stotts would be first on the block.

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