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Greatest President ever. I feel sorry for those of you who either cannot see it or who are blinded by hate. I do not blame you however, you have been misled over and over by both Academia and the MSM. Trump is also going to win four more years. His record as President despite the COUP is amazing. He has basically achieved all he set out to and delivered on Campaign promises. So four more years. You may not even be responsible for what you think, this woke Culture is more of a Cult and Social Contagion. I thank leftists for the last 3 years. I used to be one of them but the last 3 years made me change. I am now slightly right-wing of Genghis Kahn and think the former administration should be hanged on live stream after being found guilty of their Treason either in a Court or a Military Tribunal, and I think most of you should be sent to re-education camps in precisely the same way Bernie Sanders Staffers described it, only it is they themselves who need to go.

Awesome We’re Gonna Win Shirt

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They aren’t “your boys.” Unless you personally knew them, it is disrespectful to refer to members of the armed forces in that manner. Troops, service members, Marines, soldiers, what have you, but not “our boys.” While we have to uphold your right to speak like an idiot, a lot of us don’t want to be talked about like this. You’re getting a big eye roll from everyone I just read this out loud to at work. All of them with more time in service than you probably managed.