Awesome Wear A Mask 4th Of July Shirt

This title is Awesome Wear A Mask 4th Of July Shirt heavily editorialized. Nobody is burning a building because it’s Everton owned. People were celebrating in front of a landmark building that is part-owned by the Everton majority stakeholder (the Liver building, of which Everton are 1 of 19 tenants) and a firework ended up catching a piece of astroturf on a balcony on fire. Some of the people are idiots for shooting fireworks at a building in the first place (and into the crowd as some other videos show) but the idea that anybody intentionally started the fire or because the building is associated with Everton is 100% stupid. I agree, I’m an Everton fan but I doubt it was really intentional. I watched the videos and the fireworks were thrown on purpose, but I doubt anyone wanted the building on fire.

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