Awesome Vintage I Hope They Serve Wines In Hell Halloween Costume Shirt

The employee tells the customer to leave the store because he’s been walking up and down the same aisle for about 10 minutes. The customer does not comply because he has the right to stay in the same aisle for as long as he needs. The employee creates a scene and tries to forcefully remove the customer. The employer slaps the employee on the wrist and lets him go back to work. No one that works for the store is affected except for gaining a bad reputation, but they’re the only store of its kind in town so it doesn’t matter about their reputation.

Awesome Vintage I Hope They Serve Wines In Hell Halloween Costume Shirt

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Isn’t the common definition of police an entity that provides security to a group of people? It’s not abolishment if you just replace police with something else that serves that same function. If we are ever going to get through to more conservative people we have to use terms that aren’t so cutthroat like abolish, and we have to use a definition of police that goes send them into a rant about how all liberals are crazy. Until someone defines whatever new system that people calling for abolition want to replace police with, I think reform is the best, most commonly understood term.

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