Awesome Villains Disney On Wednesday We Wear Black Shirt

Oh no!!!! My dad lost his wedding ring saving my mom’s life from a riptide when on their honeymoon and now he has a really cool Greek ring, maybe you can use this opportunity to get something cool and special with your wife/husband? It can get worse. I for instance flushed my mothers down the toilet.

Awesome Villains Disney On Wednesday We Wear Black Shirt


Funny Fueled By Haters Shirt


Good Horror Movie Character Starbucks Shirt


Jason Voorhees Beagles Dog Ch Ch Ch Grr Grr Grr Shirt 


Jason Voorhees French Bulldog Ch Ch Ch Grr Grr Grr Shirt


Just Because I’m Old Doesn’t Mean You’re Out Of Range Shirt


Nice Knights Signatures Shirt 


Original Fixin’ To Shirt


Pretty I Eat Pussy And I Stutter Shirt 


Top Give A Pig Monster Halloween Shirt


I know a handful of people that married a second time, and they didn’t buy an expensive ring for their second marriage because they know it wasn’t worth the money. Not even just because it can get damaged or lost, but your body changes over time so sometimes in less than 10 years it doesn’t fit anymore.

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