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It took a while. While we were separated by one year he refused to sign the papers for several more months. He was physically and mentally abusive. There were a few things all bunched together that sealed the deal after he returned from a long work trip and started accusing me of cheating. He came to collect me from a neighbors house wearing my 9″ fixed buck knife. Too look threatening to the other married couple.

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He siphoned all the money out of the account we shared AGAIN. I made more than him but we were constantly broke, I was not allowed bank access. I walked out of the apartment for some distance ( he took my keys, phone, and wallet and hid them.) And he chased after me screaming and pretended to call authorities and report his wife as a runaway. As if I were missing property or his child. I have oodles of fun tales. But this was in the last week or so before I left.