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On my first day at a new job, my boss picked me up to show me the job site. He started making small talk in the truck— how long have you done this type of thing, what’s your experience like, etc. Then he cut me off and said, “Yeah? Sorry, what? Yeah?” Confused, I repeated myself. He pointed to his ear. He’d answered a call on his Bluetooth with no indication of doing so, and left me to ramble like an idiot about the question he’d asked.

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I had a doctor do that to me in the middle of a visit! I was talking about my upsetting neurological symptoms and suddenly she started saying stuff that made no sense and eventually she pointed at her Bluetooth (it was one of those little ones that just goes in one ear, and she had taken a call in the middle of our appointment. Never went back. I feel like that would be treading a HIPAA violation, answering a possible outside call during an appointment, and letting the patient rattle off personal information that could be overheard. Why would any doctor do that? Not to mention how incredibly rude that is. I fucking hate when people do that.