Awesome Schoolhouse Rock Vote With Bill Shirt

Apollo has a filter that can omit keywords. It’ll even filter out posts that contain these words or even entire subreddits. Won’t show up on All. I used to use them to filter all GoT content. The bombardment of politics is actually a device campaign use to detract voters from actually voting. Hitting people with constant information on things they do not want to hear will cause almost anyone to tune out all of this carefully laid out noise and stop caring altogether.

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I stopped getting on FB in like March because I was tired of the anti-mask speech and Trumpanzees from my area. So, thankfully, I’m missing out on the political circus there. Just because you don’t want to read about politics all day doesn’t mean you’re not informed or don’t care. Shortly after the election, the same people won’t follow much politics anymore. But right now they are “experts”, all of them.

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