Awesome School Counselor Unicorn Shirt

Her mother taught her that there is only one hole down there and peeing with a tampon in is not possible. It will fuck up your bladder. Took a lot of me showing articles and diagrams and answering questions to convince her there are, indeed, two holes. She peed while the tampon was still in and called her mother in utter shock to share the good news.

Awesome School Counselor Unicorn Shirt 


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Finally, two girls who again almost caused a fire if I hadn’t found them… These two were actually my friends and I was looking for them, found them in one of the kitchens about to “cook” a stir fry. They had a wok with about an inch depth of oil in the bottom, SHIMMERING because it was so hot, and they weren’t sure if it was hot enough to cook with yet. They were really glad I found them because they couldn’t tell that it was boiling oil and were worried the food wouldn’t cook.

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