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Honestly until you ban guns, fix your cops, and get that clown out of the office I say we keep the border closed… I want to be clear to ban ALL nonhunting weapons (long barrel 6 shot max). Also a proper vetting system for weapon sales and the disbanding for the NRA. Serious most Canadians think Americans are insane. (As a whole not as individuals I have many good friends that live shout of the border and are very rational people) However, more than half of the U.S. citizens in question were refused entry for reasons unspecified by the CBSA.

Awesome Peace Love North Carolina Tar Heels Shirt

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Well… the first time I don’t think she knew. The border had been closed for at least a week at that point and that just means she didn’t research her trip. She was driving her daughter’s car from Las Vegas to Anchorage. After her first attempt, she decided to come home and try again in a couple of weeks. The second time, she knew it was closed and tried to use her military pass to get through. Denied again. So she left the car on a base up there for a few months. She just tried again maybe a week or so ago and lied and said she was moving to Alaska. Denied again. She is the kind of person who thinks she’s above the rules and is upset that Canada wouldn’t let her through. She’s also anti-masking, anti-immigration, anti-LGBTQ, and Pro-Trump, just to paint a picture about her

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