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This is the thing that bugs me about stuff like this. Given the title, I know nothing else about them other than that they are non-Caucasian females. That’s the defining characteristic. On casual perusal, it’s all that matters because a title is just a summary in giant bold letters. These ladies may be spectacular at their jobs, or utter trash, but I’ll never know because all I’ve read is the title and I’ve seen enough politics in the last few days to last me a month or so.

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Having said this, I’m pro-equality. Pro progressive. But instead of forcing diversity into a role for the sake of it, I’d still rather have the best person for the job. If we as a people could move past the small labels like “woman”, “man”, etc, and look at the bigger picture, I feel that we could make greater progress as a whole. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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