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There was a 4th-grade teacher at my school who made a kid cry in class. The parents pulled them out of the school and sent him to another school. One day apparently she went to that school claiming she was sent there from the school to monitor the school. She went directly to the class that the kid was in and monitored it. When the kid told his parents they went to the principal’s office to complain and the principal said they didn’t send her. Some of it was that she got fired for stalking a kid.

Awesome Notorious RBG I Dissent Shirt


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Oh, Mr. Graul? Well, he couldn’t control the Math classes so the entire fifth grade went from about October to March without actually opening our textbooks. Not sure why it took this long for the parents and admin to figure it out, but in the Spring we got a surprise new math teacher and a horrible time catching up for the rest of our elementary school careers. This was in the ’80s. I’m still not 100% sure I could long divide my way out of a fight.