Awesome Not Dead Yet Ghost Halloween Shirt

How did you contain the virus and have so few people affected, it’s amazing, and I tell them that the fake media overhyped it, and I was on the ball from the beginning shutting down travel to and from China, you know in Wuhan where the Chinese government manufactured the virus to try and get me out of office, and then you have new Zealand with this MASSIVE spike in cases

Awesome Not Dead Yet Ghost Halloween Shirt


I’d Rather Be Buried In A Horror Book Halloween Shirt


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Official Halloween Rick Morty And Witch Shirt 


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New Zealander because they hate me. And now you have the CDC intentionally taking a long time with the vaccine because they want me out of office, so they are delaying progress on purpose. And Dr. Fauci told everyone NOT to wear masks because masks ever, period, full stop, so you can’t trust him, even though I don’t wear a mask.

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