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Awesome Miami Fútbol 2020 Tee Shirt

There’s a certain chain of shoe stores I refuse to buy from for this reason. You go in to buy sneakers and you can’t just grab some off the shelf and start trying them on. They make you sit while one of their all-female staff sits on the floor, at your feet, measures you, and slips each sneaker on and off your foot for you.

Awesome Miami Fútbol 2020 Tee Shirt


Back To Teaching 2020 The One Where I Was Masked Shirt 


Color Chemistry I Only Use Periodically Shirt


I Read So I Don’t Punch People In The Throat Shirt

Jesus Take The Wheel Leopard Valentines Truck Shirt


Joe Kelly Fight Club Nice Swing Bitch Tee Shirt


Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Shirt 


Nice Not The Mama Shirt 


Official Just A Crazy Ass Mama Shirt 


Original Bluey Dad Shirt 


Perfect Socialism Distancing Shirt 


Teachers Can Do Virtually Anything Shirt

The Bloody Bunch Halloween Shirt


Top Portland Blanco Seba Tee Shirt 


and my girlfriend would use the term “chill” when we were younger. I don’t know if this happens for guys, but know when you’re in a car and you suddenly go down a hill, and it feels all weird like under your stomach ? Woah holy shit – I’ve never gotten upvotes on anything before, thank you so much  I get to show my girlfriend lmao.

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