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Motherfuck…these motherfuckers get away with this shit, and the IRS is hounding my ass for a couple of thousand for the previous four years? Like going by way of my shit with a fine-tooth comb, clearly, as a result of they felt it was too onerous to press wealthy individuals for tax fraud and shit? That is motherfucking infuriating, given the quantity of taxes that I’ve fucking paid since 2016. The truth that I paid just about exponentially greater than Trump is a fucking intestine punch. if the right-wing center class nonetheless helps this fucking slime, we actually are divided as fuck.

Awesome Life Is Always Better When I’m With My Grandkids Shirt


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I can’t even get a safety clearance w money owed and this man is the President of Debt. How can we not vet the monetary holdings, tax returns, and such from the largest safety threat to our nation? We should always have had full readability. Perhaps he owes Putin a ton of cash and that’s the motive of this who Russian agenda. One of the many greatest dangers in a authorities’ function is a person with cash bother. They’re all the time the primary ones to work w international intelligence.