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Beyond I liked. Not great, but a solid plot that felt more like classic Trek, but what it did lack was that kind of exciting sense of innovation that I felt 09 would lead into. It felt like an extended episode rather than its own major entry into the canon, despite all the big-budget spectacle. They had a great set up after Star Trek 09 and they fucked it up because 09 apparently was about as original as they could get.

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Maybe because the wild big ideas weren’t quite there. At least 09 had the multiple timelines thing that felt like a fun high concept sci-fi thing that still also felt very Trek-like. Beyond had what? A vague idea of early colonists turning awry and a giant space station city? It’s certainly better than Into The Wrath of the Rehash, but they needed a bigger, more fun thought-provoking concept to keep the series going and it just didn’t have it.

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