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I think all Nations and countries should make an effort to preserve their culture and history, down to local subcultures (while of course still having an overarching theme of national unity), that’s why I am strongly in favor of integration instead of multiculturalism If you’re not willing to have the West have an opinion on your cultural practices, it’s not the best idea to move to a Western country. I say this as an Indian immigrant. Some practices just aren’t compatible.

Awesome Jason Voorhees Iron Throne The King Of Halloween Shirt

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They HAVE TO comply because this is our homeland and we have our own way of life which no group should ever be allowed to take away. If a Brit would come to Germany I wouldn’t care, they’re a socially liberal country. We like our freedom in Europe. And we don’t accept refugees and migrants so that they can take our homeland away, change our customs and then, in retrospect, make us obey their shitty culture because they could and would never respect our culture that is deeply connected to our history. That’ll be the case until the death of nation states, which I’m in favor of in principle.

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