Awesome Jason Voorhees Iron Throne The King Of Halloween Shirt

I wish more places had stuff like this. I always want to get my wheelchair-bound grandmother into a pool but she literally can’t take steps into one and we wouldn’t be able to get her out. I’m tempted to take her to a water park and just stick her in the wave pool since those are often ramped. Is that castle in the distance Kizkalesi? My grandparents used to live in Turkey back in the 1960s and they would tell me about the castle in the sea and castle by the sea.

Awesome Jason Voorhees Iron Throne The King Of Halloween Shirt

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Belgium has a few places at the seaside where you can receive a beach wheelchair. Think plastic and big rubber wheels. They even had assistants stationed there to help you in the chair. Makes for a fun afternoon with some people that often have never seen or felt the sea. Man I wish we had that here, I live at (Te Henga)Bethells beach, in New Zealand and we don’t have anything like that here. Being in a wheelchair sucks when you live right next to a beach but cannot access the ocean like that .

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