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In other words, if you get your employee sick, and then your employee gets dozens of other non-employees sick, who then in turn get thousands of more non-employees sick…there’s a point where a class action lawsuit will come around because companies exposed thousands of innocent people. I expect this to happen, and will also happen to churches, gyms, AAU tournaments, etc. Many of these businesses are foolishly operating thinking they can just have people sign liability waivers and are going to be in for a rude awakening.

Awesome I Think Someone Needs This Brew Ativan 2 -Haldol 5 Shirt 


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Say a teacher uses social media, just an innocuous picture post while out and about. It’s seen by faculty, parents, administrators, etc. If that teacher later tests positive, is there anything stopping parents from bringing a civil suit against the teacher for something off school time.

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