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Surprised I haven’t already seen it, but Ben Kenobi’s age gap between Ep. 3 and Ep. 4 of Star Wars. It’s assumed that Ben was born roughly 20 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. This means that by the end of Revenge of the Sith Ben was roughly 38 years old. With the additional 19 years between episode three and episode four, Ben should’ve been 57. But he was portrayed as roughly 70 or 80 years old in episode 4.

Awesome His Fight Is Our Fight Multiple Myeloma Awareness Shirt


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I enjoy the film, but pretty much all of Titanic if you think about it too long. The framing device is old! Rose telling her story, right? So how did she know any of the details that happened when she wasn’t present? For that matter, how did she know that Brock was looking for the Heart of the Ocean? How did she get his number for a satellite call (and how did she get her granddaughter to agree to the charges)? How was Lewis immediately able to confirm no records of Jack Dawson?