Awesome Hark This Bath Love In 2 Miy Dad In 9 Mom Shirt

Not sure that any public display of support, regardless of motive, is bad. At this point in the news cycle, the most important thing BLM can do is stay in the news cycle. Because you’re right, people have short memories and if this fades from everyone’s feeds then all the change that was being pushed for will suddenly and quietly be dropped while people aren’t paying attention.

Awesome Hark This Bath Love In 2 Miy Dad In 9 Mom Shirt 


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Since the PL began, having player last-names across the back of the jersey has been a staple of the competition. We’ve seen rainbow armbands/ laces and the ‘Fair Play’ logo across the bottom of the jersey, and the PL should’ve adopted one of these measures because it shows support for a cause while maintaining the integrity of the competitions’ ‘brand’.

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