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How’s about we spend this money on ventilators. “Flatten the curve” “ Flatten the curve” flattening the curve won’t do shit if we don’t raise the capacity of patients we can treat. Instead of blocking a needed bill so that $36 MILLION can go to the National Center for Advancing Translational Services we should act now and make sure we don’t go full Italy where they can’t even treat people over 60.

Awesome Elephant Ghost Halloween Shirt

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Yuck no. Means-tested money. 3 weeks until that’s given out. Wall Street gets a majority of money between this and the Fed. Something like 500 billion in loans for every small business in the country. Restaurants are shutting their doors for good hourly. Retail employees 1 in 10 Americans and just got punched in the mouth. And this is all while their presidential frontrunner is against major social welfare increases while we watched the federal government cut a 6 trillion dollar check in a week. Keep posting Pelosi clapping gifs.

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