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My boyfriend loves rural areas, but the areas I’ve taken him to have been Trump/Racist country. He says he would love to move into those areas. He still doesn’t get he looks too “Mexican” to move into those areas. He lived in NYC all his life so he doesn’t know how people who look like him truly get treated in those areas, despite his education and excellent manners. I refuse to live outside an area where there are no black or latinos, I will be damned if my kid is the only Latino in school.

Awesome Cowboy Rodeo Texas 2020 Ameican Flag Shirt

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I would have anyway. I don’t tolerate rudeness and she was wrong – she should have been told that she was wrong and I would have taken it a step further, if she doesn’t correct the order and her attitude, you will report her for harassment and also leave a bad review for the restaurant. I do this all the time, it’s corrected and I guess that’s why I’m not liked. I don’t care… what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. I don’t tolerate wrongness and I don’t care about color.