Awesome Chihuahua Halloween Shirt

Eh, in order to get ahead in life you have to learn to play the rules, some people aren’t good at that and even further MOST of the people who got REALLY ahead learned the rules and said, fuck that imma get mine, and then distorted the rules. Life does feel unfair because it straight up is. There are so so many shitty, very very shitty people out there who are extremely self-entitled and have more material wealth than should be allowed while ‘good’ people get nothing and that is how the world works.

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Most people can find a good in-between but let me tell you ‘trying’ harder usually doesn’t correlate to more material wealth or happiness, there are plenty, PLENTY of poor ass people who work WAY fucking harder than I ever will and because I learned to play the game and got a desk job making 3x what they do because they aren’t valued by their employer then they are left behind.

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