Awesome Black DJ Music Classic Shirt

It probably isn’t that bad, you only have to look at human/part human female champions, which lowers the list down quite a bit. Then if you know champs like Camille and Cassio have no hope of being on the list, you just look at the rest. And plus, for OP, this probably didn’t work at all, just scrolling with one hand and doing something else below the desk with his other hand. I fucking love that voice line and it really helps confirm whoever designed her was on acid for the first time. alright, IDK what you’re doing not including an honorable mention for splendid staff nami, whose feet come out in her recall animation. The rarity of actually getting to see her feet makes the reveal all the more exquisite. As we all know, ‘stripping’ comes from ‘striptease’ for a reason.

Ya, I used to love watching calls for help and screensavers on ZDTV. TechTV transition did feel weird but the whole g4techtv thing I didn’t care for One time I thought my hard drive died and literally the only thing that I was sad about losing was code monkeys. One day the hard drive worked again for no apparent reason and I was able to recover it. It stopped working again shortly after. Chris Gore who did DVDuesday segment on AOTS is currently working on “Attack of the Doc” about the network and the show. There was a Kickstarter that got funded but with the current virus situation, the production has been pushed. Should look into it

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