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Then light the very base (the smallest stuff) with a match or lighter. Once you see a bit of a flame for a few seconds GENTLY blow towards the flame a few times until the flame flashes up. you may have to wait a few seconds, then blow again…you want the small twigs to catch, so they light the bigger, so on n so forth) When the whole pile is going good, add more marker sized wood pieces. This will give you a decent bed of coals to start with. Gradually adding more as the flame grows…the more it grows, the larger the pieces you can add until you have the size fire you want.

Autism Sewing Because 2020 Is Boo Sheet Merry Christmas Shirt


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Dive. Like, hands overhead in an arrow form, hop into the pool/ocean headfirst, barely a splash. I always end up just doing a belly flop. The sad thing? I make most of my living filming around, on, and underwater. I’m a certified SCUBA diver…that can’t dive hahahaha Granted, loaded with the equipment I typically step or roll off the back or side of the boat so I don’t need to dive. But when it’s just fun, relaxation time, I end up just easing myself into the water, toes first off the edge of wherever I am (boat, pool edge, etc). Because I can’t dive.