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I’m curious where the point of disagreement is here. He brawled with the cops and then escaped and started walking towards his car. While he was walking, the cops definitely should have stopped him. They should not have let him get to the car. But once he did get to the car and reached inside after being repeatedly told not to and having just fought with the cops, is it not rational for the cops to assume he’s reaching for a gun? What should they have done? Waited for him to pull a gun out and start shooting at them?

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I’m curious what Redditors think of this. People constantly comment on here that rapists and abusers and whatnot should be killed, tortured, you know, the works. Well, supposedly this guy sexually assaulted someone, possibly being rape, as well as other things. He had a warrant out for his arrest, which is why the cops were trying to arrest him. Now, are they going to defend the police this time around since they actually did what Reddit always says they want, or are they going to go against the police because they’re the police?

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