Auber Betrieb Geduldsfaden Gerissen Shirt

My partner likes to tell the Auber Betrieb Geduldsfaden Gerissen Shirt story of how she became an unpopular kid at school. She was about 6/7, so Primary 2 here in the UK, and a trend kicked off in her class of eating dog biscuits. All the kids were stealing dog biscuits from home and eating them at break time. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a dog and just had to eat normal human biscuits at school. She was ostracized every break time for it. A friend told me that in grade 1 or 2, there was this trend of collecting chestnuts (which are basically everywhere in the fall where I live) and trading them. It became a real market, and when the season passed, chestnuts became rarer and thus more valuable. Some kids traded some of their parent’s jewelry and stuff for it… When school started, she was so popular she could hang out with anyone in any kind of friend group. She was that beautiful, social, athletic blonde girl.

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