Attractive I Would Like Wie Das Letzte Dragon Unicorn Shirt

CS: GO has in-game items, so-called weapon skins. They don’t give you any advantages, they just look cool and some of them are valuable as fuck (an item price can range from 3 cents to many thousands of dollars). You can gather them through random drops during games or by opening weapon cases, which cost 2.50$ to open. The item you get is always random, however, you can directly purchase the ones you like on the Steam community market or third-party sites. Now, every one of those skins has a unique float value ranging from 0 to 1 with 9 (or more?) decimal points. This value determines what the skin will look like, close to 0 beings “factory new” and above 0.5 being “battle-scarred”.

Attractive I Would Like Wie Das Letzte Dragon Unicorn Shirt

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Now at this point, with this much popularity, Steam item trading was pretty much what defined OG McSkillet. He himself had an insane collection of CS: GO items with a total value of 100,000 $ or more. It was at this time, that CS: GO related gambling sites started approaching YouTubers and offered them great deals to promote their sites. However, McSkillet didn’t just want to promote other sites, how about he created his own? And that’s what probably got him banned because his gambling site was in some ways directly linked to his main Steam profile and Valve didn’t like that a bit. So he got Trade banned, meaning all his items were locked in his account for good.

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