Attractive Five Star Basketball 2020 Tee Shirt

Source: I manage lots of people, and I would never expect someone to blindly follow a procedure without understanding why it’s important. I, therefore, have cut a lot of dumb procedures from our work that were only there because the old boss was a moron and implemented old school rules that he was used to without ever questioning if they made any sense. Like “no cell phones out at your desk” rule. Fuck that noise, all you’re doing is making people hide it. Have your cell phone out all you want, but get your damn work done. If you don’t get your work done I don’t care if its because you were playing on your phone or doing your makeup or writing a memoir. The point is you didn’t get your work done. “No cell phones” is arbitrary and disconnected from its purpose. It’s a bad rule.

Attractive Five Star Basketball 2020 Tee Shirt


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Yup. I’ve been saying this a lot to my wife: we don’t parent (at least not exclusively) based on what bothers us personally, what we’re happy about personally…what matters to me is that our daughter becomes a resilient, respectful, kind, loving, hard-working adult (among other attributes). So while it may not bother me that she gets 5 more minutes despite saying that 10 minutes ago, I don’t want her to turn out to be the kind of adult who thinks rules are there for others, and she is the exception.

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