Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise Shirt

This is some. The whole reason JRE has had my undivided attention is because of his ability to not hold back and speak the honest truth about situations. I consider myself extremely liberal when it comes to this, but this damn cancel culture is out of control. Joe should have never have gone to Spotify. Yeah, this seems pretty fucked. I hate to say that maybe I was naive, but I never saw this coming. Spotify, please do not become cunts and fuck up everything that has to do with podcasts.

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Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise Shirt

If the head honchos at Spotify had half a brain at this point, they’d tell this “group of staffers” to go fuck themselves, and then they’d make sure that the JRE continues to be precisely the same show that generated and retained an audience this large. The move is to have Alex Jones on every show so that Spotify is pressured to breach their end of the deal and he is free to be on every platform.

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