Ashy Siashy Wood House Lady And Man Moonlight Halloween Shirt

He told me that the woman who was stuck on a project with him could receive a form of gratis up to $500. She chose a PlayStation (obvi) and then when I was called on my company purchase, he wouldn’t say that he specifically allowed the transaction and attempted to get me fired because he was tired of me always calling him on his shit. I handled his wife’s resume and application to the DMV, his mortgage papers, his insurance papers, his whole family’s passports; all things that went beyond my position’s scope. HR stepped in to tell him to only have me do work-related tasks and he told me to never talk to “Hay-Char” again. He’s the boss and I’ll do what he says.

Ashy Siashy Wood House Lady And Man Moonlight Halloween Shirt

Assuming I’m Just A Woman Was Your First Mistake Grumpy Old Trucker He Has Anger Issues I Am His Queen Flower Shirt

Books Give A Soul To The Universe Wings To The Mind Flight To The Imagination And Life To Everything Lady Shirt

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I Am Currently Unsupervised I Know, It Freaks Me Out Too But The Possibilities Are Endless Toothless Dragon Shirt

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I Wonder What Life Would Be Like If We Weren’t So Fabulous September Girls Are Perfect Lady Shirt

Imagine Breaking Into My House And Hearing Honk Honk Before Getting Smoked Gun Shirt

Just A Girl Who Loves Books And Sewing Machines Shirt

Mess With Me I Fight Back Mess With My Niece The Beast Inside Me Will Answer You And The’ll Never Find Your Body Lion Shirt

Ugh nooo. The absolute worst. My dad was upper management at a mid-sized electronics company. They had a big Christmas party every year and the last year my dad was there he invited me. I went and it was a good time. It was casino night and you would win raffle tickets in the games. I ended up winning a ton in poker (because dumb luck) and I had no clue what to do with this FAT stack of raffle tickets, which were already entered. Dad told me to keep them and that I had a great chance of winning…uhhhh no, I’m not gonna be the bosses kid walking in here and winning the iPad instead of Frank from shipping and receiving who worked his ass off to buy one for his kid this year for Christmas. Ended up giving my raffle tickets to people I knew and their family members.

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