As Wicked As You Are You’re Beautiful To Me Mask Vintage Retro Shirt

As was the case in 2016, I don’t think you’re necessarily a racist if you vote Republican. However, if racism is a deal-breaker for you, you will not vote Republican, so you are at best willing to accept white supremacy as part of the package if you do. Also, the economy went into recession in February you could argue that even though COVID hadn’t reached our shores it was still caused by the virus but you could just as easily argue that we were due for a recession either way due in no small part by the current administration mishandlings. Especially when we had several close calls in the quarters before we finally made the recession official.

As Wicked As You Are You’re Beautiful To Me Mask Vintage Retro Shirt

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In my mid-sized, SW Ohio city, the amount of people with Trump merchandise is… depressing. Flags, bumper stickers, car flags, yard flags… I don’t recall ever seeing a flag for a candidate before this election cycle. I am also concerned with the amount of “haha fuck the other side” things I’m seeing. “Make liberals cry again”, pictures of Trump pissing on liberals, etc. It’s so disheartening that this sort of language is so commonplace now. It makes me feel hopeless I can just hear the trumpets thinking “I’m not racist, but some things (such as my personal economic well-being) are more important than the human rights of those people. I’d rather be more comfortable than need to think about them.”

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