And By ‘K’ I Mean Fuck You Shirt

I’ll edit to add a little more: People live in different emotional realities. This is key to understand. We all live in simulations where our brains re-create the outside world inside our heads so that we can interact with it. Literally everything you see, hear, know, etc, is a best-guess that is reconstructed by your neurons from external reality. What that means is that everything is fundamentally emotional. It is constructed by your brain in an embodied neural net hardwired to your emotions.

And By ‘K’ I Mean Fuck You Shirt

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So when you see something like Donald Trump, you may hate him. Anything related to him also becomes associated with that hatred. Anything he does or statement he makes is hardwired to that hate. But think of the friends and family members that might be jerks to others, but that you “know” are good people and forgive. All media is emotional, but that’s why right-wing media in particular is extremely emotional. It focuses on an enemy, always. It could be homosexuals that want to turn your kids gay, Muslim terrorists that want you dead, or anarchists in the streets.

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