Among Us Being Very Sus Doing Sus Things Shirt

Just a natural cycle right? You know the climate always changes right? I don’t know why those stupid scientists didn’t consider these facts when they did their studies. Probably just trying to get all that fat-cat grant money. I swear if I see another scientist sipping champagne and eating caviar in his self-driving Tesla I am going to lose my shit. We need to make sure that the poor, downtrodden executive class can make money. Scientists just totally bought out by the massive wind farming, solar, and electric car industry. They’ve dominated the market for so long despite having fossil fuel technology for years…and now they are using that power and influence to spread misinformation and lies. I saw a scientist the other day driving a new ford fiesta. The Nerve!!!

Among Us Being Very Sus Doing Sus Things Shirt


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I live on the east coast of America, and I can confirm this is the hottest winter I’ve lived through. We usually get a few decent snowstorms every winter, but I don’t think we even cracked an inch of snowfall this winter. Global warming scares me. I would, but I’m with George Carlin on this one. If I know for sure I’m doomed with a bad hand, I might as well revel in the collective doom of this species with a bit of a jaded disposition. Die eating popcorn you know? Love you.