American Horror Story 9th Anniversary 2011 2020 Thank You For The Memories Signatures Shirt

I’m disabled, It’s hard for me to keep myself up so I use elbow crutches, or a wheelchair on hard days. When people think it’s a joke, I wanna kill them. I hear people whisper ‘I dare you to take her crutch’ all the time, some people actually try to take them. It’s NOT FUCKING FUNNY! How do people think that way? My dad is disabled, so he has to use a wheelchair, and every damn time our family goes out to do something fun together people are constantly staring at us. What’s so weird about it? Unless you’ve lived in a hole in the ground for the past 15 years, you should have seen a disabled person in public before, right?

Funny Skull NaNa Like A Normal Grandma Only More Awesome Shirt

Oh yeah, and I feel like people judge you differently depending on what disability you have when My strength was stronger and had a cane, everyone thought it was a joke, in arm crutches, people either think it’s a joke or just stare you up and down, in a wheelchair, people act like you can’t do shit like you can’t do simple functions on your own The second week of my first job at a fast-food restaurant there was a dude who managed to asscannon the back of the toilet seat with such force that it ricocheted into the back wall and then splattered all over the ceiling, both stall walls, and the floor. I was the one who had to clean it.

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