American Flag Guns Whisky Beer And Freedom Shirt

Either that or it goes to collections and they can garnish your wages, seize your accounts/property (if you have any). My son is battling this right now. He went to an in-network doctor but the insurance is refusing to pay because they said they don’t think the tests the doctor ran were necessary. $1500 in bills that he can’t pay right now because he lost his job. He’s gotten his first threatening collection letter. He has nothing they can take right now so they’re just gonna make his life miserable until they can get their money. US healthcare sucks.

American Flag Guns Whisky Beer And Freedom Shirt


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My grandmother thought he had dementia, but his mind was still there. He still thought I was in grad school lol. I told him Nah, but I’m close to 6 figures, and he said “Pokey Joe(he called me that since I was 4, it was my favorite restaurant) I knew you were going to be a big shot.” I believe it. When my grandmother didn’t authorize a DNR on my grandfather 8 years ago, the week-long stay in the ICU, the following open-heart surgery, and pacemaker insertion ended up being $2.5 million. They had insurance and were rather wealthy, but goddamn those numbers were shocking.