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I’ve known a few women who have had them for a few different reasons, and none of them were happy about it. They either accepted it as the best choice for all parties involved or felt extremely remorseful. The overwhelming majority of women in these situations—at least the sample that I know—didn’t want an abortion, but it was the “best” choice for them. I also knew someone whose mother was pregnant with a child that had horrible deformities, and his chances of survival were zero. She was shamed into carrying this baby to term by her family (early 80s in the Midwest), and she held him as he died shortly after birth. From how it was explained to me, this event almost completely broke her mentally and emotionally.

America Love It Or Leave It Maga 2020 Trump Shirt


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Mine too, except there is a sizeable relief area with two separate poop bag dispensers (which are always stocked) with a trash bin attached to each, and people STILL don’t pick up their dog’s shit. I’m a dog owner and I have gone to extraordinary lengths to pick up my dog’s shit in cases where I forgot bags or ran out – I’ve used leaves, other trash, asked other dog owners walking by, etc. I both love other dog owners and also vehemently hate other dog owners. In my neighborhood, there are people who pick up their dog’s poop, and then toss the bags on someone else’s property, on the cable boxes, under trees—anywhere but in the garbage. If you’re too fancy to carry your dog’s crap to get rid of it properly, you’re too fancy to have a dog.