Ain’t Nobody Care Prime Shirt

Privileged assholes like Trump just assume everyone gets the same stellar treatment they do when in reality the vast majority of people would be far better off with “socialized medicine”, or as the rest of the world calls it “healthcare”. I’ve engaged with the medical systems in multiple European countries, and as a non-resident, they were astounding. They were quick, accessible, good, and dirt cheap. I got the exact same medication in three places. In one place, it cost 3 dollars.

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Ain’t Nobody Care Prime Shirt

I am so sorry that you went through that. Right now, doctors have to literally make the case to insurance companies to do the job we received thousands of hours of training for. I’m an endocrinologist, not a lawyer before the fucking Supreme Court. Fun fact – my office has a person whose entire, full-time job is literally filling out PAs and battling it out with insurance companies.

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